Company Values

The culture of a company is very important. It reflect who we are, how we treat each other, how we treat our customers, and how we treat the communities in which we operate.

At Jawger, are committed to not only creating world-class products, but also creating a world-class workplace with happy employees. Our company values are not just empty words, they are part of our day to day decision making framework and they influence how we do our work.



We are kind to each other, our customers, our community, and our partners. We treat each other fairly, respectfully, and compassionately. Kindness does not mean avoiding necessary conflict or hard conversations, but we do not shoot the messenger.


We take pride in our work. We believe people who achieve great things are the ones who have integrity, take ownership, think long term, and act on behalf of the entire company and in the best interests of our customers, not just for themselves or their teams. There is no right time to do the wrong thing.


We are not perfect and we don't hide our quirks nor ask others to. We use our unique skills and gifts to innovate and achieve our shared mission. This is part of what makes us human. Diversity of thought leads to the best ideas.


We always strive to honor commitments and tell the truth even when it is unflattering or uncomfortable for us to do so.


We actively listen to all viewpoints. We examine even our strongest convictions with humility and actively seek to eradicate unconscious biases. We encourage all of our employees to make the most of their individual strengths and the voices of all are important.


We encourage time away from work to maintain our physical and mental health. We know this energizes us, brings us joy and enables us to do our best work. Work hard but play hard.


We are clear about our values and act in accordance with them. We take care to align our actions with our words and our mission. When we find ourselves in misalignment, we admit it and work to change our course. We challenge decisions that we believe are wrong, but when a firm decision is determined, we commit 100%. We may be wrong at times, but we are not confused.


We invest in our employees and the tools to do our jobs effectively, but we treat company money as if it were our own and spend only what is essential to deliver the world-class products our customers expect. We look for cost-effective alternatives that are aligned with our goals.

Values in Action

At Jawger, our company strives for a culture of:


Sustained Execution

We believe our best work happens when we are working at a fast, but steady pace. We don't do our planning expecting late nights and weekend work; we want you to recharge and stay healthy. When we do work nights and weekends, it is because we missed something in our planning and want to honor our commitments or because we truly have an emergency.

Valuing People

We strive to minimize the number of meetings, so you have uninterrupted time to get into your flow. We value team work and collaboration, but we also recognize that some creativity comes from solitude and we make time for that too. We are careful with our money so that we can provide a great product at a reasonable price for our customers, but we will spend money making sure that you have the resources needed to be productive.

Continuous Learning

Keeping our skills sharp and growing into new roles allow us to keep energized, be our best, and provide our customers great products. We provide mentorships that groom leadership skills to provide opportunities for continuous growth.


We work top down and bottoms up in establishing and aligning company goals with individuals' goals so we are all rowing the same direction.

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