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Jawger launches privacy-first social network helping family and friends share life experiences

- Startup launches Jawger 1.0 Web and Apple iOS Apps

- Jawger champions privacy as a right for social interactions online

- Founder aspires to put “social” back into social networking

SAN JOSE, California – December 20, 2017 – Startup Jawger, Inc. announces its inaugural launch of a family-friendly social network for the privacy conscious, which is accessible via the Web and companion Apple iOS App. Jawger’s privacy-first approach offers an alternative for those seeking privacy for more meaningful online communication with family and friends, for families seeking a safe environment for every family member to share experiences together as life unfolds, and for those not on mainstream social networks.

“Our personal lives are increasingly intertwined with the digital world of social networks and online services," says CEO Scott Handley. “We may be connected, but we share only a glimpse of our lives on current platforms; and for a good reason, our networks are large, which makes our communications more public, and while privacy settings may be used to limit our audience, it doesn’t stop social network providers from using our information to strengthen their profiles about us, target us with ads, and accumulate data that jeopardizes maintaining a private identity. As a father, that is concerning; there’s no safe place for my children to engage with family and friends online, capturing the world through their own eyes, and be included in the conversation without some corporation building a profile on them and risking their privacy. That’s not okay with me.”

Jawger’s privacy-first approach is centered on the basic premise that everyone has a fundamental right to privacy and they shouldn’t have to sacrifice it to communicate online. Jawger takes a unique approach with social profiles that allows people to interact more naturally with others as they do in-person. Not every relationship is equal and not every experience is meant to be shared with everyone. We believe this helps to restore the emphasis on “social” in social media by connecting people at a more personal level.

Social networks have revenues in the billions because they have convinced us to turn over our personal information for the use of their so-called “free” services. They have turned this information into a gold mine for their true customers, the advertisers, while reaching into our personal lives with very targeted information – ads and news. “We wouldn’t hand over our address books to a perfect stranger, or accept the phone company eavesdropping on our conversations…so why are we accepting this with big corporations?” adds the Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

Jawger eliminates this conflict of interest with a business model based on member subscriptions. Members purchase a nominal recurring subscription plan in exchange for a social network that values their privacy. Members may invite non-subscribers to join them as guests to participate on stories ensuring no one is left out. “We want Jawger to be your destination to keep in touch with the people who matter most in your life…and, we’re just getting started,” concludes Scott.

About Jawger
Jawger, Inc., a privately-held company, is pursuing privacy-focused solutions for people to connect more meaningfully online. Jawger’s privacy-first social network offers families and friends a place to privately share their personal life experiences. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California and was founded by Scott Handley in 2016.

Scott left the corporate world in 2015 after acquiring over two decades of experience building innovative Internet content delivery products for Silicon Valley titans (NetApp, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, and Tandem Computers). Scott is a graduate of Santa Clara University’s California Program for Entrepreneurship (CAPE) and Startup School by Y-Combinator. Scott’s ambition is to create compelling privacy-based solutions that connect family and friends more meaningfully in their busy lives.

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Scott Handley, Founder & CEO

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